Our Top Tricks for Creating a Fantastic Web Site Design

Designing a website for your company can be a pretty challenging task!  You have many expectations to juggle with, from different angles.  Here are some tips and general ideas to help you create great website designs.

  1. Greyscale: begin your wireframe design in greyscale, add in your photos then carefully add in the colours you wish to use, to help avoid the overdesigned look.
  2. Consistent Fonts: add your web fonts to your corporate style guide to ensure that all documents and web documents use the same fonts.  This is good for brand consistency.
  3. Hide away social media: don’t put your social media icons too close to the reader – instead bury them down in the footer to avoid people clicking off your site too soon.
  4. Simple menus: giving fewer options to your users can help get people to the right content.  Instead of having loads of menu items, simplify it down to the essentials.
  5. Get rid of sidebars: it is now believed that taking away sidebars from pages helps readers to focus in on the actual content of a page and makes them more likely to read the whole article.