The Top Mistakes In Link Building

Link building is always going to be an important part of any digital marketing campaign, as it is one of the top aspects Google and other search engines look at when ranking a site.  Here are the main mistakes people tend to make when building links to their sites.

Linking to a hacked site

The problem here is that many sites appear completely fine, with good metrics and reasonable content.  To make sure you are not falling foul of this, run a quick site:search query to check the entire site on Google.

Asking people who specify they do not do whatever you are looking for!

Whether it is a guest post or a quick text link, check first that the person you are about to contact actually offers this service…you would be surprised how many people do not check first and just ask for stuff which is clearly not supplied.  This is rude and won’t get you anywhere.

Linking on a non-indexed site

It should seem really obvious if a site is too poor quality to be indexed, but there are some which appear pretty good at first look, even with good metrics.  Always check through a site:search that the site is actually indexed first!