Things to Understand About Link Building for SEO

Link building has always, and always will be a central part of SEO.  Links to your site sort of act as “votes” in search engine eyes, showing that your site is a good source of information about a particular topic.  The more links you have pointing to your site, the more of an authority your site is.  Well, sort of! It’s a bit more complex than that!  It used to be the case that a website could have thousands of backlinks pointing to its site, and it would then rank well for its keywords.  Google soon realised that poor quality websites were soon outranking proper websites, even brand name websites!  They brought in some algorithm changes to ensure that only good quality backlinks will count towards ranking.

It is important that when you are building links to your site, that you choose good quality sites to link from.  You could approach bloggers, news sources and other high authority websites to see if they would be happy to add a link to your site, usually in the form of a blog post, or article.  These are a good way to get high quality backlinks and open your site up to new audiences.