What does SEO mean for my business?

SEO is a tool employed to manipulate the search results on Google and Bing in order to get your website further up the list for certain keywords.  Keywords are phrases which relate to the product or service you provide.  For example, if you sell watches on your website, keywords could include phrases like “watches for sale” or “buy watches online”.

Once you have a list of keywords relevant to your site, it is time to get them into your website so search engines know to rank your pages for those keywords.  You can do this by using heading and title tags which clearly have the keyword phrases in them.

Another method is to create a great link profile by writing informative and interesting blog posts which are shared across social media and blogs.  To use this method properly, it is important that your content is written well, is relevant to your website and is shared across other people’s blogs.  Lots of dubious SEOs use bad practices of creating their own private blog networks in order to post their own aritificial content, but this is definitely frowned upon today!