Why Your Website Design is Important

Many people use the internet as a way to research products and services before hopefully buying them.  The standard of your website is now more important, thanks to the fact that everyone wants to have a good website which entices customers to buy! Here are some tips for making sure your site gets attention for the right reasons:

  1. Layout: make sure your have access to the important parts of your site such as the contact form, any “calls to action” and primary products above the fold – this is the part before the user has to scroll down the page.
  2. Headings: ensure you organise your content into blocks with meaningful headings to help guide the user
  3. Images: use images to enhance the content, but not ONLY images.  SEO relies on Google being able to understand what the website or page is about, so text is more useful here than images, however images help make a better user experience.